Join Independent Film Arizona for a tax deductible $25 contribution.

Independent Film Arizona is a forum created for filmmakers and actors to come together, to learn from one another and to collaborate on projects. Independent filmmaking is not inherently competitive — another filmmaker producing a great film does not make it harder for any other person to make a great film. Independent filmmaking is a collaborative process and films are made by teams of people, not individuals.

The benefits of membership include:


  • Production Meetings. Each monthly IFA meeting features speakers or panel discussions on all aspects of filmmaking (from acting to editing, new camera technology to hair and make up, stunts to special effects, lighting to location sound, and television production to screenwriting). The meetings include demonstrations of filmmaking skills and technology, networking with local actors and filmmakers, and an opportunity to announce and promote your projects directly to potential collaborators. IFA meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at The Art Institute  5099 E Grant Rd.
  • Documentary Group Meetings are held at 911 S. Tyndall (Southern Arizona Video Productions facility.  Come by on the first Wednesday of the Month from 6pm tip we’re done.
  • Newsletter. Membership includes a subscription to IFA’s monthly newsletter that highlights what is going on in the Southern Arizona filmmaking community and gives you an opportunity to announce and promote your projects to the over 4,000 actors and filmmakers who receive the newsletter each month. 
  • Discounts.  IFA members get discounts on equipment rentals & discounts on film tickets and festival entries.
Filmmaking is a team sport and we welcome any member to our team who loves being involved in film