Genie Joseph President

Genie is the CEO of Hawaii Movie Studios in Honolulu. She is a screenwriter, award winning film director, and host of The Genie Show. She teaches media and communication at Chaminade University and is a Creativity Coach.


Laurie Rein Vice President

A lover of film who looks forward to helping IFA & the film community in Tucson.

Actor, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach:  Laurie has performed in a variety of local theaters including; Gaslight Theater, Roadrunner Theater, and the Unscrewed Theater.  She has appeared in several local film productions, commercials and fitness educational videos.  She is a trained ballet dancer and piano player.  She is trained in Pilates, yoga and weight training and is also great with animals.

Secretary Chris Suaer

Chris Sauer is a musician, and, worked in real estate development in the downtown corridor. He is currently attending the University of Arizona as an Anthropology and Linguistics major.  His interest in filmmaking stems from a desire to develop ways to communicate a document his future research.  Chris served on the board of the Warehouse Arts Management Organization.


Glenn Wolfgang Treasurer

CEO Tucson Community Cable Corporation;  AT Community Media

Glenn was a Member/Producer of Access Tucson for over a decade and served as Treasurer and Chairman of the (TCCC) Access Tucson Board.  He volunteered many hours as a Cameraman, Director and Editor for other Producers as well as Producing Documentaries of his own.


Anne Dalton (Leader of the Documentary Group)

CEO A. Dalton Films, LLC

Alumni of the University of North Carolina {Chapel Hill};   Anne’s First Career was as A Health Administrator, but now she is an accomplished writer and documentarian.


Noreen O’Shea

Noreen is a Realtor by trade, with a passion for film & storytelling.  She is the Founder of Gift Horse Equine Connection Charity and an active Member of IFA.


Richard Warren Welch

President Richard Welch Collections, LLC

A member of The International Screenwriter’s Association, Richard has led a wildly eclectic life which includes:  a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, Teaching in (China, the U.S.A., Poland & Russia), Assembling Buicks, being a spy and writing, songs, books and screenplays.



Jodi Horton