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June Meeting: Production And Its Participants

Tuesday, June 7th at 7pm
Connect Coworking, Downtown
33 S. Fifth Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701

IFA June Newsletter

Join us Tuesday, June 7th for IFA’s next meeting “Production And Its Participants.” This meeting will be a panel discussion where we’ll meet local filmmakers who have been through the film production process and have discovered that Murphy’s law exists and most likely will not be kind to you on your first day of filming. They will tell you how to avoid the many mistakes and problems that often occur, and they will share how to successfully manage the production process until the day you can happily say, “It’s a wrap!”

Moderated by Philip Sedgwick, our panelists will be Steve Anderson, Randal Feemster, Alan Williams, Rogelio Camarillo, Joshua Zientarsky, Ralph Horn, and Martie Ashworth.

Remember, IFA meetings are free and open to the public, but we also strongly encourage you to take the next step and become a member. For only $25.00 a year, you can be part of this amazing group of people who strive to help the independent filmmakers of Southern Arizona. Academic memberships are also available for free for actively enrolled students.

You know that being on time is one of the keys to success, so we’ll see you there at 7:00pm.

Grísel Wilson
President, Independent Film Arizona


Production And Its Participants


phillipPhilip Sedgwick

Philip wrote his first screenplay largely due to the prompting of a writer friend. The second script he penned, Neon Cactus, landed a berth as a Quarter-Finalist in the Academy’s esteemed Nicholl Fellowship (1990). Since then, thirty of his scripts & films have received acclaim in screenwriting contests, film festivals and writing fellowships. He has written and co-written for the films Adapting Louis, Thorns From a Rose, and Zunovian Invasion. For more information, go to Philip’s website.


steveSteve Anderson

Steve earned his MFA in Acting in 1991, and has performed off-Broadway and in Regional Theatre. Steve was a guest artist at Clemson University, among others, and has been directing and coaching actors for over 20 years. Steve directed the feature film Lucky U Ranch, which has appeared at the Phoenix Film Festival, the Arizona Int’l Film Festival, and will be appearing in Seoul, South Korea late this summer. He recently directed The Secret Lives of Teachers, a quirky short film produced in Phoenix, and he will be teaching acting in London this summer. He’s also the director of Teen Street Films here in Tucson and is currently fundraising for their next project. Here’s their GoFundMe if you want to support:

He is currently in pre-production for Arizona 10 Short Films, as well as a feature length film Jackson & Delilah, both projects being filmed in and around Arizona. Find out more about Steve on his website:

randalRandal Feemster, (DP, SOC)

Randal has almost three decades experience as a feature film and TV Camera Operator and Director of Photography. His break in the business came in Tucson in early 1987 as the Camera Operator on the popular feature Can’t Buy Me Love. Arizona was beginning a strong period of popularity for non-union production work at that time, and Randal’s experience grew with that wave. He steadily increased his experience, joining Local 659 and the L.A. Experience Roster in 1988, which enabled him to step up to increasingly larger shows. Randal enjoyed busy years as a B-Camera Operator on increasingly larger, more prestigious features through the 90s. In 1996 Randal was inducted into the prestigious Society of Operating Cameramen, and the “SOC” suffix would follow his screen credit from that time forward. Randal moved up to A-Camera Operator in 1997 at the by-name request of veteran director Jeff Murphy and actor/director Bill Paxton. His diversification specialty is aerials with Wescam, Spacecam, and Tyler aerial systems, and Randal has often been called on to shoot 2nd unit and aerials for major features and television. Randal also has extensive experience as a commercial and corporate image DP and producer.

Some of Randal’s notable credits include Twister, A Time To Kill, Star Trek: First Contact, Dante’s Peak, Frailty, and The West Wing (pilot which won the Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography).

alanAlan Williams (Director, DP)

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts with an emphasis on film production and directing in 1993, Alan focused on honing his skills as a screenwriter while continuing work behind the camera on independent projects in a variety of capacities including DP, AD and script consultant.

Alan penned several feature length screenplays that garnered a number of screenwriting awards and he then pressed on to resume pursuing his ambitions in the director’s chair. He wrote and produced, directed and edited two short films, On A Clear Day and The Human Condition, that enjoyed recognition on the festival circuit in addition to directing numerous music videos. His documentary, The Avenue, about Tucson’s famed 4th Ave won Best Of Arizona at 2011 AIFF and recently got picked up for distribution.

Most recently, he was the Assistant Director on the feature film The Drama Club which is in post production. He is currently in development of his feature length film titled Zero Saved based on his experiences working as a paramedic. Alan is owner of Organized Chaos Productions, LLC and also in charge of Production and Creative Development at Picture Arizona, LLC.

rogelioRogelio Camarillo (Actor, Sound Engineer)

Rogelio is an experienced theater, film, television and voice over actor who began acting at the age of 10. He has played roles on Legends & Lies, Frontera Roja, Tombstone-Rashomon, Mariachi,  and Reddington among others and will play the leading role in the upcoming film Para Mi Familia, by writer/director Marcelo Dietrich.

Rogelio is also a production sound mixer, post-production sound mixer and sound designer. Rogelio’s career in sound started in 1993 in radio at KAWC on the campus of Arizona Western College. During his time at Pima Community College, Rogelio studied recording studio arts and enjoyed an internship at Jim Brady Recording Studios. Since then he founded “Artistic Sound,” a full scale sound recording company offering all aspects of sound recording services that range from location sound to the recording studio environment.

joshuaJoshua Zientarsky (Director, AC, DP)

Joshua’s penchant for visual arts began during his early school years. His passion began to materialize into a career after he graduated from the University of Arizona in 2000. He has credits in almost every department of film production. Above the line credits include co-writer of a TV pilot called Stardust and the Bandit, which was produced in 2012, also as producer of The System Is Broken, a political-drama completed in 2015. Joshua also wrote, directed and produced a crime-drama, Divide, currently in post production.




ralphRalph Horn

Ralph Horn learned stage-craft techniques in college in the 1960’s. In 1971, he was hired by the Director at Old Tucson where he assisted with props in movies like Joe Kidd and Judge Roy Bean. In the 80s, he was a stagehand in numerous Studios in Los Angeles. In the 90s, back in Florida, when Disney-MGM Studios opened, he freelanced as Prop-Master/ Decorator.

Ralph joined IATSE-Union 485 (Tucson) as scenic-artist on The Quick- Dead (1994). He joined IA-Union 477 (Florida) on G.I. Jane and Ace Ventura (1996). Ralph has continuously worked as an Actor in short films, theatre and commercials.




martieMartie Ashworth

Martie began her acting training later in life under screen writer and director Michael Bond. She stayed with him for over a year and then continued on with various other instructors. Her one night acting direction under William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen, and Ted Danson was both delightful and inspiring. Martie has had the great privilege of receiving a nomination at the DC Film Festival for Best Actress (White Knuckles/Sabi Company) and has worked with Ron Rifkin, Cameron Daddo, and Steve Eastin.

Martie’s greatest wish is to have more roles written for older women.






June 7th: IFA Proposal To Change By-Laws

At IFA’s June 7th meeting, a vote will be taken by the membership of IFA for a proposed change to Article XII of the by-laws.

The proposed change to the by-laws is below. We will have the full by-laws available to read, and any paying member may vote, with a majority consent needed to adopt this policy change placing the Board in charge of governing the by-laws.


Current: “These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new by-laws may be adopted by a majority of the members present at any general membership meeting or at any special meeting, given that appropriate notice has been provided to the membership as specified in these by-laws.”

Proposed: “These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and replaced by a 2/3 majority of Board members at any scheduled board meeting where an Agenda item specifying action to the bylaws is listed and where appropriate time to consider the changes has been provided to the board.”

uastreetsTeen Street Films: Fundraising for Meditation Project

TEEN STREET FILMS is a young artist education program based in Tucson, Arizona that offers advanced actor training to teen performers as they collaborate on original material for short film production. Their current project is THE MEDITATION, a series of four short films by Steve Anderson, all of which were created by Teen Street members during a single 10-minute meditation. Last year’s Teen Street film, For The People, is nearing completion and here’s a link to the short trailer for the project:

Please support these fine young artists as they endeavor to expand their creativity and strengthen their artistic voices! Shooting begins May 29! FUNDS will be used to hire a professional crew, and for other production costs like wardrobe, makeup, props, location fees, production equipment, etc. Oh, and food. Gotta have good hearty food for a hard-working cast & crew!

GoFundme page:

Arizona Student Film Festival

Announcing the Arizona Student Film Festival, August 25-27, 2017. Submissions will be taken for this festival starting in January 2017 and it will be open to all Arizona students. For more information, contact Gene Rudolf at 520-722-3423.

ambiguityFilm Release: “Ambiguity, Crónica De Un Sueño Americano

IFA member and President Grisel Wilson has just released her film “Ambiguity, Crónica De Un Sueño Americano” on Vimeo On Demand. Below is a short description of the film and the trailer. If you want to see the film, it is now available for rent.


“The unstable economy in Guatemala forces an educated young family man to travel undocumented to the United States, in search of the “American Dream”. Andrés Valenzuela and a group of “illegals” guided by a psychopath, soon discover that that dream is nothing less than a horrible nightmare. This story shows the different factors that affect the people who decide to make such a trip and the imminent dangers that could lead them to a sure death.”

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