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IFA December 2017

Thanks for another Great year at IFA.   Lots of interesting workshops & lectures occurred in 2017.

Thanks to outgoing President Wayne Vlcan for a great year!  Thanks also to Past President Grisel Wilson for donating the Pizza & drinks for this years party.  Decembers meeting is the annual Boardmember election:  So, welcome to the 2018 Board.  President Genie Joseph,  Vice President Laurie Rein , Secretary Chris Suaer, Treasurer Glenn Wolfgang, Members at Large  Noreen O’ Shea, Anne Dalton, Richard Welch, Jodi Horton.  It was a fun meeting.  We watched some shorts and generally got to know each other.  It was a nice end to 2017.  Welcome 2018; Happy New Year!


 the new Address is the Tucson Jewish Community Center located at 3800 E River Rd Tucson, AZ, 85718.

The Documentary Group will continue to meet at Southern Arizona Video Productions located at 911 S Tyndall Ave Tucson, AZ, 85719.

January Membership Discussion topic:    Sell Your Movie Idea with Killer Loglines!

So, you have a script or a concept and you want to world to know, but do you have a logline?

Can you intrigue, woo, and garner interest in thirty-three words or less?  

If your not sure, you absolutely must attend IFA’s January 9th meeting.

Philip, Genie, and special guest Victoria Lucas will give feedback and take comments from the audience on your logline.

In this presentation we’ll talk about:

  • What’s a logline?
  • How’s that different than a tagline?
  • How about some logline examples (I’ll have a dozen loglines to read and we’ll do thumbs up, thumbs down from the audience)?
  • How do I write a good one?
  • Got a Logline?  Bring it and we’ll give you audience and judges feedback!
  • Blow us away with your logline!





Philip wrote his first script at the prompting of a writer friend. He entered his second script, Neon Cactus, into the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship, which placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the prestigious competition. Since that time, more than forty of his screenplays & films have received acclaim from film festivals, fellowships and competitions. Philip serves as a juror for the Prescott Film Festival, where he also presents screenwriting workshops. A work-for-hire writer several feature projects are being shopped. Currently, he is in pre-production on two short films, one to be shot in Phoenix in the spring. Previously, Philip has spoken for the Tucson Festival of Books. He can be reached at: /