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Independent Film Arizona’s November 3rd Actor’s Meeting (7:00 PM Connect, 33 South Fifth Avenue in Tucson) will feature a panel of experienced actors and acting instructors discussing how to succeed as an actor in Southern Arizona (including a comparison of acting for film and acting for theater).

Additionally we will have an acting contest in which any actor can present a monologue, a dialogue or a stand up comedy routine. Our judges (the members of the panel) will select a group of finalists and will present awards for best monologue, best dialogue, and best stand up comedy routine.

From the finalists, the audience will vote for best overall. That individual or dialogue team will receive a $500 cash prize. As is out tradition — we hand out the cash money right there and then at the meeting.

The format of the contest is intended to be a mock audition. You or your team bring whatever you need to perform (in terms of people or material). You are trying to impress the casting director (here our judges and the audience). There are no restrictions as to the material you use, you don’t need to be an IFA member to participate in the contest, but we want you to keep it under 3 minutes.

As always, the meetings are free and open to all. It costs nothing to enter the contest or to participate. But contest spaces are limited. We intend to allow “walk ins” as time allows, but if you want to reserve a place, send your name, headshot, and resume to independentfilmarizona@gmail.com to get in the line. You may submit a copy of the material you will use or a link to a prior performance — but you don’t have to do so.