griselIndependent Film Arizona’s January 6th Meeting (7 PM, Connect Coworking, 33 S Fifth Avenue, Downtown Tucson) will feature a panel discussion on Women in Filmmaking.

At the meeting we will address issues such as how women are presented in film, why so few women get jobs as Directors or Directors of Photography, why only 30% of speaking roles in major motion pictures go to women, and why there is such a strong bias against writing strong leadership roles for female actors.

Our panel that will include: Mary Beth Haralovich (U of A), Vikki Dempsey (U of A), Susan Arnold (Producer and Director), Shelli Hall (Tucson Film Office), Lisa Horner (Access Tucson), Vicki Evans (Broadcast Television), Rosie Zwaduk (Film Producer), Barb Glover (Actor), Ina Shivak (Actor), and Renata Rauschen (Actor).

Independent Film Arizona is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting and promoting independent filmmaking in Souther Arizona.

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