groundwork promotionsThe Independent Film Arizona August Meeting will focus on marketing your film and building your online presence as a filmmaker, actor, or professional in the industry. We will welcome Groundwork Promotions to speak on the strategies and execution to making yourself marketable, building an audience, and engaging viewers. Whether you have a current project or not, the talk will speak to planning ahead and building a foundation that lays the ground for your online outreach.

The meeting will be held at the AULD DUBLINER (800 East University in Tucson) at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, August 5.

About Groundwork Promotions

Groundwork Promotions specializes in social media campaigns and online promotions. They focus on what’s possible and provide the support to create without limits. They work with professionals, businesses, and organizations to communicate who they are from the “inside out,” translating what they care about and what makes them unique into the media that represents them online.

The August 5 IFA presentation will be focused on filmmakers and actors, but certainly is applicable to other businesses and individuals. Everyone is welcome and as always the meeting is free.