FilmmakingIndependent Film Arizona is compiling its list of 100 Top Shorts.

Anyone can nominate one or more shorts. To qualify the film must be less than 30 minutes and either shot in Arizona or shot by a filmmaker that lives in Arizona. The “short” can be a drama, comedy, documentary, commercial, PSA, animation, trailer, or computer generated animation. It can be one of a series of shorts (such as one short in a web series).

It does not matter if the film was made in 1976 or last week end — as long as it was either shot in Arizona or shot by an Arizona filmmaker.

To nominate the short, send the short’s name, the name of a primary filmmaker (e.g., the director or executive producer) and a link to the short to

The Top 100 Shorts will be judged by an independent panel of actors and filmmakers.

There is no limit as to the number of films you can nominate — so make sure your favorites get before the judges.

There is no cost to nominating or to being nominated or for being on the list.