IFASA is proud to welcome back David Pike, Accounts Manager and Marketing for Brink Vision AND Founder/Festival Director at the Arizona Underground Film Festival – now in its SIXTH YEAR! He will be discussing advertising and marketing for indie films.

Tuesday’s meeting (June 18, 2013 at 6:30 pm) is NOT gonna be at the Ward 6 offices as usual. Instead, this month’s meeting will be held at the new Gangplank facilities downtown. After 5pm, you can park on the street near the building AND at the library across Stone (it’s free after 5pm).

Please enter Gangplank the easy way – enter off of 17 E. Pennington to the south NOT through the main (100 N Stone) entrance – there will be another meeting going on at the same time as ours. There will be a “Gangplank” sign on the Pennington entrance.

I’m excited for IFASA members to tour and talk about Gangplank. Great things are coming for Gangplank and you can be a part of working in a collaborative environment!

Not done yet: find out more about their studio initiative with a short tour and a resident Gangplank anchor to discuss it!

I will be giving a brief starter tutorial for how you can get a simple, inexpensive (even free), easy-to-maintain marketing campaign going for your next project. Increase your exposure, get more people to show up or click, and have better luck with your crowd-funding campaign.

For more info, please visit the IFASA Facebook group or the event on Facebook.